Private Custom Store

  • Get your own private e-commerce page with your products mocked up
  • Checkout directly from website hosted by SLO Town Print
  • Expect delivery within 10-14 days of purchasing from your store
  • Create customer loyalty programs for your business or customers
  • Take the burden off your company’s Headquarters to fulfil satellite office’s apparel orders
  • Get unique credentials to manage your page and provide chosen individual’s access

Tell us about the project

How Dropship Works?


We offer a variety of shipping services including UPS or USPS delivery for single shipments, palletizing for LTL freight carrier pickup, split shipments to multiple locations, and individual shipments for each garment to a single customer. However we do not currently provide 3PL fulfillment and warehouse services for ecommerce stores and merchants.

  • - We offer a variety of shipping services including UPS, FED EX or USPS delivery
  • - We may offer pallets for freight carrier pickup
  • - We can split shipments to multiple locations
  • - We can provide individual shipments to a single customer
  • - We can host your inventory for an additional fee

If you have questions about our products or services, or if we can be of assistance in any way, please call us at 1-(805) 439-4572